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[Spring Prompt] Arlo's New Garden
With the sun and fresh air, Arlo was seeing the day as a good one. Sure he was…stranded, and alone, but he’d found more than enough supplies and shelter to hold him over for a while. An abandoned village on a remote island was never something to question. Obviously there was no bad omen of it. Arlo had been teaching himself to see all the positives in what happened to him, after all, so he counted his blessings that there had been food, fresh water, and even stuff for him to do while he was trapped.
With such nice weather Arlo had filled his bag up with some food, water, and seeds he’d found before venturing out to find a nice spot to plant. Even if no one would see his work—and perhaps it would get devoured amongst the foliage already growing on the island—he wanted to give something back to this place. Maybe the good karma could keep his luck up too and he’d get to see rescue.
He’d started with a young tree, moving it from a sha
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Making Friends? [Rabbit and Yami]
Jolleraptors at play were often an adorable display.
For some the desire came naturally; a pair or more might wrestle, pick flowers together, find treasures, or devour treats larger than themselves till they were full and round. In others, that instinct was not as prominent.
A grumpy, black and white jolleraptor was one of those not so eager to frolic with their peers. Yami was curled up a little distance away from all the noise, tucked away where he believed he was safe from it all. It was a rare time when he could snatch a moment to himself. He was settled down, his breathing even as he slept.
The position left him unaware of the curious eyes watching him from a shaded spot a few yards away. They were bright yellow, and focused. Rabbit the jolleraptor had tucked himself up so he was small, ears flattened down so he was less noticeable despite his bright blue coloration and patches of spots. Even his tail was tucked down, only perking up with his ears when he lifted himself up to star
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Goodbye Winter - Welcome Spring! [MAC]
The first days of spring had proven gloomy, and rainy. Thankfully there was a perfectly kept greenhouse nearby for Milo to travel to any time he wanted to see colorful, blooming flowers. He was sitting comfortably in a padded chair, sketch pad laid over his lap as he drew lightly over the page with a sharpened pencil. Somewhere amongst the flowers pranced and played his little jolleraptor. The sky outside was grey, but the greenhouse was pleasantly warm, and the variety of plants offered plenty of color despite the lack of natural sunlight to light everything up.
Smiling to himself, Milo glanced up as the rustling in the plants drew closer to his seat. Comet was mute, but the energetic creature was still good at making his presence known in other ways. He emerged from the nearby flowers, his face alight with wonder as he looked up at Milo. The young man chuckled, leaning down to offer his hand to the little jolleraptor. “Welcome back little on.” He greeted. “D-
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Rose and Krampus [Raffle Prompt]
The private ‘office’ run by a soft colored blushie had been closed down for the day. Rose had gotten a very grumpy visitor that she felt like she would need to dedicate a bit more time to than usual. The room where she had retired to with said visitor was warm, heavily pillowed, and softly lit. She liked to be comfortable, and the quiet atmosphere tended to help even the most riled of visitors to calm down.
Krampus had seated himself near the door after piling up some of the provided pillows. His basket backpack was sitting close by. Slowly Rose would fold up some colored paper in her small hands and place it gently in the basket, lining the edges with pinks, reds, and a few gold foil pieces.
Her movements, when she would walk, were slow and precise. She was often off balance thanks to her large horns, but she compensated by never moving too fast and sweeping her long, bushy tail about to distract anyone from noticing the awkward movements. Back and forth across the room sh
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Axel and Silver Nesting [Prompt Raffle]
The gentle light of sunset was flooding into a spacious living room Tucked into a corner was a nesting blushie. A large, soft dog bed had been taken as a base, and the structure was being built out of various clothes and other fabrics. Some pillows were being used to better cushion the center where the future babies would be encouraged to stay. Didn’t need them wandering out before they were ready.
Silver was patting down around the nest, making sure everything was shaped as they wanted it. Much like everything else they did, the nest was neat and organized, with no part too lumpy and no piece of cloth too bunched up. Their human had been surprisingly even tempered when they’d been going through his closet and picking through all of his designer clothes for nesting material…but the blushie was used to the man being pretty easy with them.
Part of the perk of being family.
“Looks really good.” Silver looked up from their inspection and noticed Ivan was holdi
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Axel and Silver Meet [Prompt Raffle]
In a hot part of the world in the early spring a very happy and energetic blushie was tap tap taping his way down a sparsely occupied sidewalk. Axel wasn’t sure where it was his instincts were leading him, but something told him this direction and he followed it. He’d done so his whole life and it hadn’t led him wrong yet!
Bright red fur was fluffed, the blushie making sure it stood tall and looked thick all the way down the back of his head. Small claws pulled at the tufts around his neck too, and Axel puffed up his chest as he smelled the air. For a city the place was surprisingly clean—maybe it was because everything was bright and shiny. Usually meant care and money were put into the area…
Coming to a stop, the bright blushie wriggled his long toes as his ears twitched. Somewhere right here. He turned his head, plumage sweeping behind him as his body followed the movement. It was in this building. The doors were clear, glass, and when he
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[MAC] Sweet Treats
Comet’s little claws tapped against the kitchen counter as he waked back and forth across the surface. He was trying to get in every little task’s way, but he honestly couldn’t help himself. Warren hadn’t let him get near all the bowls, spoons, eggs, flour, or anything he had been working with all morning. A few trays had already gone into the oven, and everything smelled so good—
Without a voice to demand attention it was all the jolleraptor could do to nudge things around and tap the countertop to get the large man to look at him. Every time Warren would look over he’d sit back on his haunches, smiling big and waiting to be picked up or pet. Usually it was just a pet or scratch, but one of these times he expected to be shown what was going on where he wasn’t allowed to be.
It wasn’t like he was going to make a mess or anything…
“Wild lil’ thing still.” Warren commented as he carried a
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[WTA] Golden Wishes
The yellow and lacy bunbranch was peering passed the glass of their enclosure. They had thought they were going to a home, somewhere bright and daintily decorated like themselves. Instead they were housed away in some sort of…pet store? No, they were really the only living thing, it was more like a merchant. There was a lot of movement around; while the bunbranch was displayed out front, there was a little shop just behind them that people had been in and out of throughout the day.
But not once had anyone paid them much attention…
Colors seemed to become less vibrant as their mood dropped. It was disheartening to have no one take any interest, let alone no assurance of a loving home. It felt like they had been kept in the enclosure by the door for so long, longer than they could remember already.
They had become lethargic, resigning to watching the busy street and hardly letting their hopes rise up when a child happened to glance their way. Bunbranches were meant to be love
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[Prompt] Face your Fears
Bag held snuggly at his side, Arlo ducked and dodged his way through the surprisingly busy town. The place had been talked about as a farm community, someplace he could find good food and a quiet place to stay for a while. Yet instead he found as much bustling and noise as one might expect from a big city! The buildings were simply shorter, and the predominant smells were that of livestock instead of burning gasoline.
Arlo’s breath hitched as he was crowded off of the main walkway, retreating between two buildings to get a breather. People kept staring at him, but apparently they didn’t care enough to stop him and ask any questions. Too preoccupied with the market—festival?—that was spreading into the streets. It was just as well; the more movement, the easier it was to blend in, even amongst humans.
A town like this, there were definitely more humans than grem. Wringing the strap on his bag Arlo was starting to question if this was really a good idea. Ge
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[WTA] The Year's First Words
You’re not alone
They’d been viewed wrong their whole life, and when they’d simply asked to be seen they’d been rejected. Chased out, cold, they no longer had a home. No family, no friends, and no means to keep themselves afloat. They weren’t the only ones who had lost so much that year,’s that made their predicament all the more painful. So many other kids on the streets, but somehow they could never find one another for the comfort or companionship. Of knowing, and seeing they weren’t truly alone.
Huddled in the dark, shivering and cold. even as they knew there had to be others—thousands, more—there was no kindle of comfort in the thought. Only images of others like them, curled up alone in their homes, laid back in cars, and on the streets like them.
Their eyes closed. There was no noise, no quiet sob or whimper this time. There was nothing left, only the empty, lonely feeling that had clawed its way free and
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[MAC] Comet's New Year's Resolution
Sitting at his desk, Milo smiled as he watched the glittery new creature play with his fingers. He wriggled them, drawing the jolleraptor’s attention to one hand, and then the other. It kept the little quadrupedal entertained, its glistening twin tails flowing behind it when it would drift between his hands. With the way the creature moved Milo almost thought it was flying, but he knew better. The palm-sized baby was only light on his feet, creating an image of the fallen star Milo had found it on.
Well, he’d found the odd…rock? Egg? Whatever it had been he’d watched the creature emerge in a cloud of hot, grey smoke, the casing being eaten away until the jolleraptor shown brilliantly in the light of the moon, wobbling along with its first few steps before Milo was kneeling beside it. He’d been curious, but cautious; for all he knew the creature could have been dangerous, but as luck would have it it’d only been friendly, even eager to seek attention.
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